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Mystix Team Building

MYSTIX add some fun to training and team building sessions.

Training and team building sessions, whilst different, are all about bringing people together to learn new skills. If you are brought in from an external organisation to do this it can be daunting, especially if all of your attendees already know one other… there goes the getting-to-know-you section.

There are three things every good trainer does:
  1. Connects with their attendees
  2. Builds trust and rapport with their attendees
  3. Establishes their position of authority on the matter and reassures attendees that they will benefit from their training/expertise

The third point is sometimes difficult, especially if attendees have had no choice but to attend, and/or they believe their attendance is not necessary.

If you tend to do group work with your attendees, how do you decide who works with whom? Do you allow them to decide?

  • I allow them to decide
  • I decide

  • Do attendees stay with their friends/department?
  • Is it normal for them to slip into their usual working roles?
  • How do you allocate roles otherwise?
  • Do they remain in the same group throughout?
  • … If not, do they choose their own second group?
  • Is it clear why attendees were added to each group?
  • How long did it take you to organise?
  • Was everybody comfortable with the decision?
  • How do you allocate roles within the groups?
  • Do they remain in the same group throughout?
  • … If not, how is the second group determined, and how much time does it take to switch?
  • If you are looking into making your training / team building / workshop sessions more dynamic, try MYSTIX* – our key features are highlighted below.

    *Want attendees to keep a memento of the event? Why not print your details on your sticks and use them as a business card? We offer the option of personalisation for orders of 50+


    • Save time in the training session or workshop
    • Avoid disagreements
    • Encourage attendees to mix and mingle
    • Avoid conscious and subconscious judgements
    • Build confidence throughout the training or workshop room
    • Add an element of fun to the agenda


    • Be used multiple times without redistribution
    • Create subgroups
    • Order group members
    • Allocate roles within groups

    MYSTIX can also be used at networking events. With just one switch of groups, everybody in the room could be just one introduction away from their perfect match.

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