Mystix is the perfect way to promote equality and teamwork in training and education.

The inspiration came from the realisation that groups and teams are not always created equally. They tend to be formed around people wanting to be with their friends, or teachers and leaders wanting to put certain people together for ability’s sake or to mix up the ‘popular’ people with the rest of the class or group.

This doesn’t go unnoticed and, after a while, stigmas arise which create imbalance and inequality within the group.

Mystix were created with this in mind and, during their trial period, managed to increase participation and teamwork within classes, save time and arguments, and strengthen weaker group members without compromising the abilities of stronger members.


Two key sets are available at the moment (12 and 24), along with their extensions. Designs have been made to accommodate groups of up to 50 members, these will be released at a future date subject to demand.
MYSTIX have been designed to minimise clashes and optimise cooperation within a class or group. Extension sets are tailor-made to blend into the set that you already have, meaning that groups will not be disjointed or confusing.

An extension of 8 for the set of 12 will therefore be different to the set of 8 for the group of 24.

Please bear this in mind when ordering your extension packs.


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