30 Aug

Credits and Acknowledgements

Credits and


The Beginnings of MYSTIX

MYSTIX started out as a solo mission. I originally had the idea thanks to my Young Learners English classes in a town called Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain where I used to live. I wanted to make learning more fun and fair, and I also wanted learners to feel empowered when learning a foreign language; MYSTIX can use as much or as little language as possible, so even the youngest learners could get into groups using only the target language.

I later moved on from teaching and attended CPD sessions and more and more networking events. I could see a wider use for MYSTIX, and had a growing amount of interest from businesses.

Help along the way

As the idea grew, so did my support network. I’ve made some amazing friends and contacts throughout this process and wanted to thank them here.

  • The BIPC in Newcastle have been amazing from day 1. They have a wealth of knowledge and experts at their fingertips. Throughout the summer in which I designed MYSTIX I met with IP attorneys, website developers, digital content managers and innovators to name but a few.
  • My printers, IP attorneys, and web designers have been brilliant throughout. They made sure everything was running smoothly. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to share MYSTIX commercially today.
  • My good friend Jakub Straka kindly provided me with the product shots you can see here. Jakub is based in the Czech Republic and is a freelance photographer and web analyst. He can be contacted here.
  • The Newcastle United Foundation have provided constant feedback over the last year and have been using MYSTIX in their wide variety of sessions. For more information on their work in the community, visit their website.
  • The first time I attended an event hosted by the Innovation SuperNetwork I felt like a million doors opened at once with regards to possibilities. The work they are doing inspired me to push forward and seek the support, help and advice I needed.
  • A few months ago I joined The Business Factory, North Tyneside. They have provided countless workshops and a variety of one-to-one sessions with business development and growth specialists in sales, marketing and branding, social media use, e-commerce, etc.
  • The Business Factory (and TEDCO) also signed me up to a ‘Boost your Business‘ course through NBSL and NEEAL. I received advice, support, feedback and techniques that enabled me to push forward with MYSTIX. This one weekend has welcomed me into a tight network of Business Boosters in the North East who are always willing to support one another.
  • Last but not least, family and friends who have supported me throughout, thank you.

Mystix Logo

– Pippa

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