What if students / participants don’t turn up, or I have a smaller group to work with?

Remove appropriate sticks depending on the amount of people that are missing. If you have several groups of different sizes and this is a regular occurrence, consider buying a set of a lower quantity and its extension pack(s).


When is the best time to distribute MYSTIX?

There is no hard-and-fast rule for distribution. It depends on the demographic of your group. It is a good opportunity to distribute as students or members come in and are getting organised.


Are there any tips you would give a leader?

Always make sure all MYSTIX are collected at the end of the session. Due to their shape and size, they may be used as bookmarks throughout, or put into pockets or pencil cases for ease of mobility when moving from one group to another.


Can I add one extension set to another?

Adding extension sets to one another is not recommended. If you already have some and have experimented successfully for your purpose, that is fantastic! However, please do not buy them with this in mind.


What happens if only one stick is lost or broken? Do I need to buy another complete set?

Please use the enquiry form on the Contact page, or email info@mystix.co.uk for more information.


If we want to use MYSTIX for corporate events, is there any way we can get our company logo / information printed on?

Please email pippa@mystix.co.uk for more information about our corporate services.

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